Why go digital?

As we all know, when it comes to property investing, it’s all about Location, Location and Location. Similarly for Care Providers, it’s Evidence, Evidence and more Evidence.

Most inspections involve evidence-gathering based on incidents. Speaking to an inspector, I was told “if it isn’t written down then it never happened”. That’s the stark reality of running a care agency today.

Every action or inaction on the part of your support workers needs to be justified: What did they do? When did they do it? Where did they do it? How and Why? And all of this needs to be documented.

Without Evidence of the above, Care Providers are at far greater risk of being fined or being found guilty of negligence, gross misconduct or even corporate manslaughter.

Gathering all the evidence you need to protect your agency, your support workers and your service users may sound like an impossible task but it doesn’t have to be. Digital technology exists and is being utilised by many providers of care. Technology helps to easily and comprehensively log, store and access or retrieve all the evidence you need.

Why go digital?

If you’re not quite convinced of the power of going digital, of switching from manual care notes to electronic notes, consider the following:


Fluid Intake, ABC data, Safeguarding, Bristol stool data and the list goes on; your support workers have a lot to write up during a single visit. How much time does that take away from the provision of care on each visit? 10 minutes? More?

With electronic notes, the time spent writing all of this up can be drastically reduced. With the CareSuccess mobile app, checklists for tasks considerably speed things up with voice-to-text functionality adding that vital layer of detail as all your support worker needs to do to make their notes is click and talk.


Whether its the CQC or Social Services, dealing with demands to see evidence of a Service User incident can be time consuming and stressful. This is especially true if you have boxes of paperwork to wade through. With logbooks stored in Service Users’ homes, your Care Managers may not even be up to date on the current status of a Service User, let alone have easy access to vital notes. This situation is confounded by the illegibility of hurriedly written care notes as your Support Workers struggle to stay on schedule for the day.

Electronic notes can be accessed anywhere, anytime. With the CareSuccess management portal, all your Care Manager needs to do is tap in a quick search query over any given date range for a specific Service User or Support Worker to access the required notes or crucial evidence.

Day-to-day, your Care Managers can also see up to the minute reports as the moment a Support Worker completes their electronic care notes for a visit, these notes are synced with the CareSuccess management app. In addition, our red-amber-green (RAG or traffic light) alert system enables support works to clearly flag any issues they had on a visit so your Care Managers can quickly see whether or not they need to intervene.


How often do you deal with calls from family members who believe their loved one, your Service User, has not received the care they need? Perhaps they claim personal hygiene tasks weren’t completed or medication not administered.

With handwritten care notes stored at a Service User’s home, you haven’t got easy access to the information you need to provide them with an immediate, definitive response. You’ll now need to make time to go get those notes, rummage through them and find what you’re looking for, though you may still come up empty if your support worker hasn’t documented all of their tasks.

Electronic notes don’t just give your care managers instant access to Evidence of completed tasks but with the CareSuccess management portal,every time your Support Workers log that they have completed a task, the task is timestamped. Add to that GPS tracking and you’ll have convincing proof to show Service Users’ family members of where and when a task was completed.

What’s more, as each task a Service User needs is built into their profile on the CareSuccess mobile app, if a support worker tries to log their completed notes having not ticked off a required task, they’ll be alerted to their oversight and won’t be able to submit their notes until this is resolved.

The madatory requirement for an ECMS is achieved through our applications.


When it comes around to monthly audits, from spot checks and shadowing to mandatory training and hand wash audits, evidence once again comes into play. The CQC want to see what you’ve done and when you did it. As before, rifling through countless folders to dig out your proof is time-consuming. Electronic notes via the CareSuccess mobile app enables you to quickly log and easily access your audits. The same goes for evidence of complaints, compliments and suggestions.

All your evidence in one place

CareSuccess enables you to do away with mountains of paperwork by providing user-friendly digital apps that make creating, storing and accessing evidence easy for everyone, whether you’re tech-savvy or not.

Here is some of the functionality you can look forward to with CareSuccess:

  • attendance logs for arrival and departure times of Support Workers at Service Users’ homes
  • Support Worker visit rotines / tasks time and date stamped
  • evidence of completion of care plan tasks including:
    • MARs
    • TMARs and repositioning
    • safeguarding
    • ABC data
    • Bristol stool data (including photo uploads)
    • ulcer grades
    • food and fluid intake
    • accidents, incidents and near misses
  • real-time alerts of completed visits (including logged care notes)
  • clear indications of the need for intervention using the red-amber-green alert system….and much more.

There’s more to gain with CareSuccess’ state of the art care technology. Every feature and function is designed to take away the stress that comes with the constant demand for evidence. With our suite of care apps, evidence is easy to log and easy to access, leaving you to focus on providing excellent care.

For more information about how CareSuccess can help your agency thrive, get in touch with me, Harry Jashvir, here or drop me a line at info@caresuccess.io

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