For Families

Getting the best care for a loved one and helping them find their place in the world doesn’t come easy.

Whether their unique needs relate to a learning disability, autism, mental health, or a physical disability we understand:

  • You need a bespoke care package that addresses the specific needs of your family member
  • You’re looking for a local Leicestershire organisation that is experienced in social care and can work collaboratively alongside you 
  • You require support that fits the specific budget you have been allocated or you require the facility to make direct payments to fund the care required


And know how important these outcomes are to you, and those that need additional support:

  • Enjoying a full life at home 
  • Living as independently as possible 
  • Interacting with the local community
  • Having a good quality of life


Through our unique supported living services we can provide the outcomes you are looking for. We do this by:

  • Looking at each referral on an individual case by case basis by conducting our own assessment
  • Offering a bespoke package of support that is unique to the person
  • Matching staff skills and personalities to the individuals needs of your loved one
  • Providing a system that easily accepts direct payments
  • Using the latest care management software to assist staff, keep you updated and track vital information all in one place 
  • Working with local community and sports clubs that offer the most appropriate provision 
“As new clients, we feel very well supported with good communication and consultation on all appropriate matters.”
“I cannot fault your commitment and willingness to support our son despite some very challenging behaviour.”

If that sounds like what you need for your family member you’ll want to know the process and the next steps. Here’s what will happen once you’ve got in touch.

We’ll phone you at a convenient time to find out more about your loved one in terms of what is needed and required.
We’ll then arrange for you to meet with one of our senior team members to introduce you to Enable, talk through the most appropriate support care package that is right for your family member, and most importantly find out more about them.
Following the meeting, you’ll then be sent a recommendation document which explains the key aspects of the service we’ll provide and all the finer details you’ll need so it’s clear to see exactly how we work and what you can expect from us.
Once you’re happy we’ll agree on a start date and will get everything in place to provide a support package that will allow your relative to develop, grow and live as independently as possible.

You’ll want regular feedback so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on progress.

Let’s talk through your requirements
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