Our Pledge & Commitment – Restraint Reduction Network

Priority 1:

Enable Inclusive Support Ltd will ensure that the leadership team set the standard and example for the broader staff team through effective role modelling, coaching and support to Junior managers and our team of support workers.

We will ensure that our commitment to the reduction of restraint is evident in practice with our aim to eradicate or significantly reduce the need for restraint in our services.

Measure of Success:

Our success with be measured directly through our ABC data and reports as well as Incident reports that may be documented and submitted by staff.

We will track data that will allow us to demonstrate reductions or zero returns in respect of physical intervention.

These measures will be supported by the seeking of the views of our staff and people that use our services.

We will review all ABC’s and debrief/reflect on this with staff.

Priority 2:

Enable Inclusive Support Ltd will ensure that all members of its workforce receive, regular planned training that will be refreshed inline with the appropriate accredited body responsible for delivering the training or where this may not be clearly specified we will follow guidance outlined by ‘Skills for Care’.

We will ensure that staff complete ‘Management of Actual & Potential Aggression Training’ and that any future alternatives will be ‘BUILD’ accredited, therefor ensuring that our training provider is aligned with our vision and values.

We will ensure that our training focuses on the needs of the service user.

Measure of Success:

Enable Inclusive Support will measure our success in this area through individual staffs training and development plans and our over arching training matrix, our training data is available for review from our care management app (RoundSys) and our e-learning training provider ‘Care Skills Academy’.

The matrix will highlight any omissions or lapses is training.

Priority 3:

Enable Inclusive Support Ltd will ensure that ABC data and incident reports are appropriately monitored and analysed to ensure that we can effectively use the data to improve how support is delivered and that the service user and staff are provided appropriate support following and incident, this may include a formal or informal de-brief depending on the nature of the event.

We will work collaboratively with the service users wider support team to ensure an effective and strategic approach to service user support.

Measure of Success:

We will be able to measure our success in respect of this priority through our statistical data that is available through our care management mobile app (RoundSys).

Service user reviews (both internal and external) will track broader feedback from a multi-agency or multi-disciplinary meeting minutes that track the service users progress over a period of time.

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