Things to do to celebrate Easter with kids in lockdown

You might not be able to venture out or visit family – but there are plenty of things to do at home to keep kids entertained this Easter

Easter celebrations will look a lot different this year, with people social distancing and self isolating to avoid the coronavirus

Public places, including churches, are closed, and families cannot venture out to visit relatives as per the lockdown rules.

There are still plenty of ways to celebrate Easter this year, and make the most of the four day weekend.

Here are five ideas for things to do with your kids this weekend:

1. Easter egg hunt

Hide eggs around your home and garden for your kids to find.

If you can’t get hold of any chocolate eggs, make and decorate paper Easter eggs to hide instead. You could even write different prizes on each one – whether that’s the choice of film, a slightly later bedtime or extra screen time.

2. An Easter quiz

Mark the occasion by getting your kids to host an Easter quiz. They can research and write the questions themselves, and come up with prizes for the winning team.

You could get your extended family involved by hosting the quiz over video chat.

3. Watch a film

There are plenty of kid-friendly films on TV this bank holiday weekend.

Film4 has Flushed Away at 3pm Good Friday, Paddington at 5pm on Saturday, and Ice Age at 12:50pm on Easter Sunday.

Meanwhile BBC One is showing all four Indiana Jones films on consecutive days over the four day weekend.

4. Bake

You might be struggling to get hold of baking ingredients – but there are plenty of recipes that don’t need eggs or flour.

Make Easter nests with chocolate and cornflakes and whatever decorations you have in the house.

5. Plant something

A lot of the traditions around Easter celebrate new life, and as we head into the warmer months it’s a great time to grow some plants.

There are many vegetables that you can grow from kitchen scraps, meaning that you won’t need seeds.

Use toothpicks to balance an avocado stone over a bowl of water – with the pointy side facing upwards. The bottom half of the stone should be submerged in the water.

Place the bowl somewhere it’ll get a lot of sunlight, and change the water every day or two. After a few weeks, you should start to see a plant grow.

This doesn’t work every time, so it’s best to have a few avocado stones on the go at once.

You can also grow your own carrot plants – place the top of a carrot in a bowl of water, the cut side down.

Put the bowl somewhere sunny, and change the water every day. Before too long, it should sprout shoots.

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