#teamenable Nominated in Local Care Awards

We’re proud to announce that the following members of #team enable have been nominated in the ‘Care Professional of the Year Awards 2020’.

Community Care Professional of the Year;
Waarisha Iffat (Team Leader, Park Road)
My son James moved into his first house at the age of 21, his Autistic Spectrum Condition made this very stressful for him. His transition from his home of 20+ years into independent living has been helped enormously by Waarisha. She has supported him from “day one” (literally – she was in his new home on the first day in August 2020)

Despite some challenging behaviour from James, Waarisha has maintained her cheerful nature even through the hard times and has persevered with trying to understand James as an individual (which is hard as he does not speak) 1 She has continued to be brave in her approach to supporting James and shows great optimism that he will one day be able to trust her and allow her to fully engage with her socially.

To put this into context, over the last 3 months James has barely tolerated any close interactions with his caring team but they
continue to find ways of keeping him safe and well despite this (and Waarisha takes a leading role in supporting the other members of the care team) As his parent, I can’t help but care about James’s wellbeing and it is obvious to me that Waarisha cares too.

Care Leader of the Year;
John Flynn (Team Leader, Claydon Road)
“John is a member of Joe my sons team he is the team leader he has proved himself on any occasions Going above and beyond his role joe feels safe and John gives him the security he needs Joe is a very complex young man who requires a two to one at all times
John will always do his best to get cover or will jump in and do it himself so joe is happy.

John has shown in lots of ways his dedication to his position he also cares about his team and Joe’s family John has given up his free time to support Joe to hospital appointments day trips etc he’s everything a team leader should be not only to the service user but to all his team John is dedicated too trying to improve the service willing to try new ways but also listening too staffs views as being a carer team leader is of course a responsible role as they are taking care of the most precious person to any parent.”

Ash Omar & Tracy Males (Senior Managers)
“I’m a Team leader for the care provider Enable LTD. the people I want to
nominate is my bosses, the directors of my company and also a sponsor of carer of the year
award Ash Omar and Tracy Males.

2020 was such a hard year for everyone, working in care it has been stressful and worrying for our clients that we support. Ash and Tracy have always been such friendly and helpful managers and will help in any way they can. If you need anything they will deliver it to you or drop it off that day. One time (before Covid-19) a staff member fell down 1 step and twisted her ankle, Ash and Tracy took her to the hospital and brought her food and waited for a few hours till family arrived before they left. They even made sure she got paid for the weekend shifts she was meant to do.

During the first Covid-19 lockdown one of my staff members that I lead had to isolate because of her partner. Ash and Tracy regularly contacted her and even dropped off supplies including PPE equipment and antibacterial gel (when it was like gold dust). I personally have had health issues regarding my own health and from the minute I spoke to them about it, they helped
me so much. they found extra staff for my service that I lead and took some responsibilities away from me so I can concentrate on myself. I can’t really explain how much these people deserve to be at least nominated for an award. They are hard working, kind, helpful and just amazing leaders. I’m 6 foot 5 and I will always look up to them because they inspire me to be better.”

The Care Professional of the Year Awards 2020 will take place on Thursday 28th January 2021, Please invite your colleagues, friends and family members to register for a free ticket by visiting https://lnkd.in/gE7KFdt

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