Overall, how much do you enjoy working at Enable ltd?

This survey was sent out to 27 members of staff on 21st September and ran until 29th September. The staff team is compiled of 16 contracted staff members and 11 casual staff members. The questions within the survey were all optional and the recipients all remain anonymous.

The area the staff member worked in was collected to be able to determine if there were any specific areas which needed to be targeted at particular services. There were a total number of 12 individuals who completed the survey, with 11 responses which were valid to use (1 individual completed the survey but did not provide a response to the questions). This equates to 41% of the team providing feedback.

The overall responses reflect positively on a staff members experience working for Enable and the support systems in place i.e. Information around Covid-19, the difference operating systems used for sharing communication. As Enable had begun to use a new Care Management App, it was important to understand that the team were using this effectively and this was reflected within the answers of this question. We acknowledge that for some individuals, a move to a digital record keeping system is not second nature and ongoing support will always be available for those staff members.

The communication methods that are used across Enable are spread across 4 systems. The decision for this was made due to operating systems having gaps in their overall package that can be offered, therefore it was a requirement to source multiple platforms to be able to achieve the desired results.

Further work needs to be focused on ensuring that the different systems and their purposes are clear to the staff team so they are accessed correctly. This will be achieved through adding an agenda item to the staff supervision form and including information in any upcoming staff meetings. Additional to the point above, feedback around accessing daily notes has been circulated within the team it applied to as soon as the comment was made. All of us at Enable are pleased with the feedback collated from the surveys and will continue to strive to provide an enjoyable, safe and skilled workplace.

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