Leicester Changing Diabetes

Following a chance meeting at Leicester Walking Sport Festival, Enable Inclusive Support were introduced to ‘Leicester Changing Diabetes’;

The Cities Changing Diabetes programme was developed to get cities worldwide to set goals and design interventions to drive down the number of people with Type 2 diabetes in their city. Meeting these goals requires working together across sectors and disciplines, uniting stakeholders behind a common cause.

The world is rapidly urbanising, changing not just where we live, but the way we live. Today, the way cities are designed, built and run risks fueling the health challenges of their citizens.

Urban environments are already home to two-thirds of people with diabetes. This makes cities the front line in the fight against Type 2 diabetes – and where we must take action to hold back the alarming rise of the condition.

Enable are looking forward to working in partnership with Leicester Changing Diabetes and we will keep you posted of upcoming events and screening hubs.

If you would like to learn more about Leicester Changing Diabetes, Cities Changing Diabetes or have any queries or concerns regarding Diabetes please contact us via info@enableltd.co.uk or https://www.leicesterchangingdiabetes.com/

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