Tracy started her career within Health and Social Care over 10 years ago working in a number of settings including residential, supported living and community based support.

Following graduating in Psychology and Counselling Studies, Tracy’s interest to support people within a range of different settings grew as each year passed.

After having held a number of different roles within organisations, it wasn’t until becoming part a member of senior management that Tracy became interested in how staff teams within Health and Social Care were acknowledged for the hard work they put into their roles.

From this, Tracy has worked in partnership with Dignity in Care schemes, Inspired To Care and Investors in People. Tracy also has gone on to become an ‘I Care Ambassador’ which looks at recruiting and retaining staff within the Health and Social Care sector.

Tracy believes that working collaboratively with other organisations and enhancing the staff members’ experience of working for an organisation within Health and Social Care can lead to greater upskilling of staff teams.

Furthermore, Enable can hire and retain skilled staff who share a similar ethos and values to help Enable to provide the service that it strives to deliver.