Ash started his journey within the sector in 1997 with a UK charity for people with learning disabilities, their families and carers.

After a number of years Ash moved to the private sector, working for one of the UK’s leading national care providers, predominantly developing services for people with Autism, Learning disabilities, Acquired Brain Injury and individuals with a forensic background within residential care settings.

Since 2011, Ash’s career has been more focussed on Supported Living as he firmly believes that this alongside other community based models generally offer greater opportunities for flexibility, choice and independence.

Ash has always had an eye for detail and a passion for driving his team to deliver the highest standards of care consistently.

Ash believes in ‘people first’, stating “I would love everyone to see the person first, too often a condition precedes an individual and this really needs to change.”

Being an active contributor to the local community is important to Ash, he is a strong advocate of access to mainstream activities and services for all and likes to engage with members of the public to challenge their views towards people considered to have an additional need. – “People first.”